A Little Piece Of Home

by BillyBo

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Wrap your senses with sample-based, funk and folk-infused hip-hop brought to you by Johnny Bishop, as well as a handful of tracks produced by BillyBo himself. Throughout the songs and stories you will encounter a few but familiar guest emcees from some of the best names in underground hip-hop.

As a working man’s emcee, BillyBo brings you a little piece of his home to share stories of struggles and hardships. Some songs are met with bitter endings while others unfold to reveal redemption and true hope. Travel along and experience A Little Piece Of Home.


released April 7, 2009

All songs by BillyBo for BillyBo Music (ASCAP)
Tracks 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 produced by Johnny Bishop for East Wheaton Productions (ASCAP)
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 produced by BillyBo
All turntable work provided by Unit 13



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Way Back Home
it's good to be home where the buffalo roam
i've been gone for a minute wearing thin on my bones
i suppose that's when stories are told -
when you're back is broken and your heart is exposed
what an attractive pose
but it's passion of Hope that this character shows
before this chapter is closed
you could actually cope with love happening close
hold close to your soul switch, it's
breaking like seams from a sewn pitch
put a stitch in your side
running course through the backwoods, Creekside Drive
five minute ride to a place called Retreat
sift through the sediment and find your beliefs
bloom with a cool leaf, truly shine
with a life full of beauty and smile and the new me
Track Name: Today
i'm getting high in my hometown with a couple of friends
come down a little later so i do it again
got no - date on my arm and i'm livin with mom
and no - need to change so i sing the same song
week after week, you could put it to a rhythm
sellin weed, gettin high, but i became distant
pulled away from the ones who really cared
takin life by the horns but really i was scared
i needed an embrace that's more than you could offer
and i needed it to last - if it won't don't even bother
so i - took another drag to disguise my thoughts
hid them from myself so i didn't get caught (up)
i had friends in the best of places
who heard my cry so they kept on prayin
then i gazed through the haze as my high wore off
and broke down in tears as he showed me the Cross

all i know is that i cried the whole way
and felt this feeling that words can't say
snuck into my room and passed out in my bed
woke up in the morning replaying what he said
"Lord fill his heart and - show him your light"
"forgive all of his sins - and give him new life"
but what does that mean? what am i supposed to do?
i remember him tellin me "God'll speak to you"
He ain't said nothin yet - so on i went
lookin down the tunnel where there's no light left
burdened with guilt man, i tried to get right
but the party just started - it's a heck of a night
--- then i saw God in front of my face
crawled through my past that i wish i could erase
it must have been an angel or some kind of dream
but i found it was my wife now who i'm out to please

well this broken hearted twenty-something still aint perfect
with a wife and friends and God it's worth it
worth the struggle cuz i know the outcome
worth it cuz i wouldn't be here without them
i'd still be trapped in that old tangled web
tryin to make moves in boots made of lead
scrapin the pavement for a couple of bills
livin minimum wage, i couldn't picture it still
got no - house on the hill but it's in my frame
and a - love for the Lord that i must proclaim
if i - say it a-gain would you think it's a game
or sing along with my tune and try to make you some change
it's a penny for your thoughts but a dollar for correction
freedom is in Christ, seek Him for direction
some Carpe Diem, but i sieze the Truth
from now until the death of me, Lord, i'm pleasin' you
Track Name: One More Mile
fill the kerosene on a winter afternoon
then head to the kitchen for a nice cold brew //
in a home with no heat, and barely any soup
stands a man sellin his soul for a suit
says "oh it's just how we must be...
it's a bell off opportunity to live free"
walks a mile in his shoes even though they're old
but he needs them - to protect his soles //
i said "how about a new pair and breakin 'em in?"
he said "i can't stand breaking cuz i'm wearin thin"
so he adds another stitch to get by for the moment //
he's unaware - the heel is ripped wide open //
in a sense you could say he's losin his soul //
thinks he's doin fine cuz he doesn't even know
he's lost where he came from - lookin ahead
forgot that he's blessed and this is what he said:

One More Mile - til i reach my destination
One More Mile - and i'll achieve greatness
One More Mile - is how i'll get ahead
but One More Mile - and i'll probably be dead

so i'm thinkin to myself how to change this man
stubborn like a mule with his business plan
he's agreed to ignore the simple things in life
and traded them in for a suit and tie //
holds tight to a pocket knife that needs sharpened
and sneers at the mess that's left on the carpet
all he ever wanted was a nice clean house
but instead he gave up and made his way out //
i said "hold on a minute, let me pray for you"
he said "i tried that before and He never came through"
so on he went with his master scheme
to start a new life as his family screamed
the baby needs his bottle, the girls need a nap
the wife has an attitude - he couldn't deal with that //
so with all of us staring wondering what's in his head
he turned to his wife and this is what he said:

One More Mile - til i reach my destination
One More Mile - and i'll achieve greatness
One More Mile - is how i'll get ahead
but One More Mile - and i'll probably be dead

the door slammed shut and left just an echo
repeated in my head and it wont let go
i often wondered what might have caused this mess
was it the wife or the kids, or a lack of interest?
or was it my fault for not praying enough
and diligently showing him a Fatherly love?
we are ALL left with a diminishing hope
but we pray everyday that he comes back home //
cuz he WILL get lost without a trail guide
and he can't do much with that old rusty knife
out to be a leader, but he follows his mind
and chases after what he was told he would find
believed he'd find that THING - whatever you call it
in whatever he could do to just fill up his wallet
all that he left US were bills to sort through
and what he said as he put on his new suit

One More Mile - til i reach my destination
One More Mile - and i'll achieve greatness
One More Mile - is how i'll get ahead
but One More Mile - and i'll probably be dead
Track Name: Chains & Things (ft. reSEARCH & Aaron Paul)
VERSE 1 (BillyBo):

he was a small town nice guy, with a big smile
said to his family "i'll be back in a while"
shouldered his briefcase and grabbed his lunch
and gave 'em smile for his usual cover up
jingled the keys to a whole new universe
reached in his pockets clutching the purse
serves if he can like it's part of his search
perched and willing for opportunity's work
_pushin papers movin closer to the edge
_focused on the highlights of yellow and red
_sped to destinations to finally find rest
but time after time he found the timing was pressed
_yesterday's a blur and tomorrow's well ahead
and he needs it to avoid the living hell that's in his head
_spread thin to forget what he's never dealt with
and wanting love in a heart he's never felt with


I remember when I met Him, with His promise of peace
I wanted to be great, but He was blessing the least
still I entered in, within the 12 circle
but this greed would intercede and be such a deadly hurdle
so I worked my way in given the role with the money
but we lived upon the scraps while he promised milk and honey
and we walked... Heaven knows that my feet were worn
and we slept outside Heaven knows I wasn't warm
and it really wasn't my idea of Kingdom
I'm like his right hand man but still haven't felt freedom
and I can feel these cold coins in my pocket that I've taken
if nobody saw me why'd He say his heart was breaking?
and really what would you have done if you were in my shoes?
I wanna build for a family but could I really choose?
to sell out the Messiah but the economy is changing
my greed left me broke as my body sways hanging

VERSE 3 (Aaron Paul):

CRACK ,., the whip snaps on my back
heavy is the burden of the slave master, Jack
_ Laid back with a snaggle toothed grin
and a /list of everything wrong that man ever did
Since I was a kid, these shackles left imprints
_ rusted shut tearing into bare skin, he
_ punch my gut, and his knuckles were tearin' in
I should have /rose up and stuck that sucka right there and then
_ the will to survive has been wearin thin
I _ miss my family and I miss my friends,
Israel buildin the pyramid of sin
But you egyptians will be hearin from me again
_ uh-huh, ,., skip a year or so
/blood over the do' like, what up, Pharaoh
How's ya /firstborn living? oh, he ain't what a shame
broke the /chains and thangs when I called My King's Name!
Track Name: Daddy
who can make a man's head hang so low
and disgrace the place he stands as he walks a lonely road?
it's bitter at the bottom of the barrel dont you know
but redemption lies ahead, feed the fire, burn the coal
rope it, pull it in, and maintain control
cuz the role your playing now builds character and soul
if you can shake it, better take it, it's as valuable as gold
who'da known it was my father that made me feel alone
man over board, a family's been shipwrecked
13 years old, it's like i couldn't even swim yet
left to toss and turn in the tears that i cried
drownin out emotions cuz the heart can tell a lie
box me in with bricks and mortar
protectin my investments when you try to cross the border
it's a shame, but you're to blame (you're to blame)
at this point i'm ashamed that i carry your last name

you won't understand, Daddy I Hate You
I thought you were a man - Daddy I Hate You
a simply sorry won't cut it, and forget a shake of hands
cuz Daddy I Hate You, Daddy I Hate You.

slap me around, man, i know you want to
then you wonder how i got this anger from you
pull me back and snap me like a rubberband
fling me into trouble as much as trouble can
sex, lies and videotape were my escape
roll away emotions down the block on my skates
grind away the pain, try to fly past the issue
dab my eyes with tissues, disguise that i missed you
it's too complex and you're too selfish
to figure out my head, so i stay celled in
locked and cocked, and the safety's off
tickin down the clock hands as the ball drops
let it fall, forget it all, like this is just a dream
a surreal life, is it really what it seems?
what could it have been? (what could it have been?)
daddy, let me ask, did you really love your kids?

almost a decade later and the tables have turned
treading dirty water cuz the bridges have burned
but it filters through my fingers, and sifts out the treasure
with every step forward it takes away the pressure
on the road less traveled the mystery unravels
love awaits, close the case and crack the gavel
make a folder for the future, shred the memories
the way we were before is the way we'll never be
patchwork quilted, double-stitched and reinforced
can't rip apart the seams with any human force
light it with a torch and let the whole world see
it's my father i look up to and he's standing next to me
we dropped everything we had, our pride and all
to prove unto others how we're answering the call
Christ braids the strands and we stand in awe
that we even walk together after learning how to crawl

now i hope you understand - Daddy I Love You
I can see a new man - Daddy I Love You
so i'm huggin this man, forget a shake of hands
cuz Daddy I Love You, Daddy I Love You
Track Name: Finding My Way
she packed her bags about 25 years ago
she went anywhere the wind would blow
a loose leaf bound with a piece of yarn
she pushed boundaries _ but kept behind her guard
grabbed attention destined for popularity
dressed in trends set by getting charity
handed out too many times, she cries
while picking six strings staring at the sky
twisting melodies into a ticket to nowhere
blended like the strands of her uncombed hair
soundscapes played to the sun-setting west
she played her best caressing the frets
draws a crowd, that was then and this is now
a country girl lookin for a trip into town
but it's a long road and passerbys couldn't be found
(it's a long road and passerbys couldn't be found)
stuck in the evening with music and prayer
settled on the concept that nothin was fair
she sings to the rhythm with miles to go
still kickin stones tryin to find her way home

he wears a mask and hides behind the music
tears up his talents like he's afraid to use them
feels run down and left with just fumes
burned too many times to trust you
he's inclined to perform the way he was raised
acts the character from years of being trained
he'll perform for strangers _ he's an artist
he paints with a voice so you can see where his heart is
a soft spot hidden behind a scarred frame
a wishing well overflow reminiscent of hard rain
and "this", this is a simple word
this is life told different than you ever heard
but this is for the broken, the seeker and the listener
the one who needs help when no one is concerned
if you got a hidden voice that won't let go
he'll be your listener - let it go (let it go)
blow whispers like bellows kissing the coals
hold poetry ransom developing prose
and if one after the other the doors are closed
you can find him and his music, traveling home
Track Name: When The Dam Lifts
under distress i've been asked to examine
and discuss what these words mean but my thoughts have vanished
put to the test in every sense but i'm famished
a starving artist flooded with emotions when the dam lifts
so i'm suckin air and duckin, struggin with fear
shuckin through a plan to reach the heart of my career
where a little means the world to everybody who listens
givin nothin less than heart and soul until the job finished
squeeze an eyelid shut and watch it all trickle down
the fire down below's about to blow any second now
forget the plow, it's time to steamroll and bulldoze
broken nose gushin though it's slow enough to let you know
i'm a simple man - pressin dimples in the sand
trace my steps back to where i may have left the land
space cadet energized to be your mark in the sky
follow flickerin flames til it burns your eyes
call yourself a pupil searchin for the "why" now
escape your hideout and turn it inside out
Track Name: My Lonely Room (ft. Manchild & Phynite)
sometimes i'm the loneliest star part the loneliest mug shine
the homies just don't find - bologna
when it's all up in they face and it's easy to identify
vilify the press box on anytime i'm pennin' my
tirades for the all time greats
and i'm locked in isolation so that ya'll try and fade
i send a transmission from the broadline state
of a mind that i'm losin when the hard times play
so press pause (press pause)
and call in often when you can't cope
cuz if it ain't true it ain't do-o-ope
watch movie trailers of things they can't show
and if you ain't aware, then dawg you can't know
well put your ear to the grill that's on top of the speaker
that sits on top of the floor or in the side of your door
listen close because i said it before
take it all in now until you know that you sure

i could be your silent treatment but i want to talk
body language twisted and said to resemble art
brush the needle past perfection and call it underground
read between the grooves _ that's where the love is found
motor mouth masterpieces beveled in the chalk
washed out the frequencies and flooded the dock
water-walkin' faith breaks the stereotype
and the sample-talkin' crates speak like wolves in the night
firecracker avalanche wakin up the neighborhood
shutter smashin vocalist crackin the wood
seep into the fine grain sealin up the efforts
and pressure treat the finishes just for good measure
cut it with precision along the score lines
send it back (send it back) and sail it off the shore lines
float it to a land of unknown inhabitants
anchor down and show 'em where the balance is

i've spent a long time wondering where i belong
talking to myself hoping i ignore the siren song
try to calm the anxieties that pile on
chill out relax sit back and just ride along
find a strong hold, get a grip, take a breath
say a prayer, stand up, brush it off and never quit
second guessing is similar to a stand still
there's a thin line between a garden and a landfill
man's will has a way of butting in front of God's
maybe it's the insecurities of being underdogs
trust evolves at a slow pace,
it's like healing when a bone breaks
we want to determine our own fates
we want the spotlight, gold medal, pedestal, props up in the showcase
no food no grace no thanks we're on a diet
see i know the answer i'm just learning how to apply it
Track Name: Change In Scene
it starts from a stand still, then hits like an anvil
wakin up the characters drawn on the canvas
_brief the unit with a broad set of standards
and chisel the flakes off /to reveal the grandeur

_purge the delicate sense of false hope
crash the mirrors to see through the Pal Mal smoke
_it's all gone postal and you miss one the most
when the fog's too thick to land safe on the coast

_ _but the chase don't satisfy
20/20 hindsight lookin to identify
bleedin from the sleeve but the victim is the culprit
losin what it was - trade the past for the token

_pay the toll with a definite decision
blown bulb signal for a crash course collision
_risk it all when there's a change in the position
and stomp the puddles, put a ripple (put a ripple (put a ripple)) in the vision

ice forms in spite of blasting defrost_
heater's going broke but there's no covering the cost
_toss and turn, dreamin of peace and quiet
there's a rattle in the cage and i can't seem to find it

fine print documented for repeat offenses
deemed illegible from tear drops that drenched it
labeled a punk for lettin fear build the fences
but i'll guarantee my efforts are endless (endless)

woke to the sound of heart beats and high hats
cleared the curtain of certainty and rolled my eyes back
_drifted to the day dreamin real world cubicle
placed my thoughts on heaven and thought "how beautiful"

_wondered how to bring the brilliant colors back home
put 'em on the palet used to make these poems
_used to warm the breeze and supply a fresh air
now you know the vision when it's lookin (when it's lookin (when it's lookin)) like a dead stare
Track Name: Yesterday
the ground broke and all he saw was 4-5 images
scared him half to death, he stood fortified, grimacin'
sure his eyes were trickin' him, he wasn't givin in
pushed his hair back determined not to let it get to him
slept on his conscience with a little bit of sedatives
the scene was repetitive he said it wasn't evidence
bent on his pride he was taught to be competitive
come to find these glimpses of Christ were irrelevant
he wasn't buyin what the situation was sellin him
the late night alley must have cast a spell on him
sick in his skin the witness left him questionin'
torn to the core that he even suggested it
in the past five years he's come to accept the sin
except it took him over though he never let it win
oh! now he knows the tangled web that he's in
but (hey!) can it be that it was all so simple then?

--- oh! yesterday
i poured my dreams in a bucket and flushed 'em down the drain
it's time for a season of change, let it rain
let the drops fade away (the stains from yesterday)

there i was in the background lookin in
peekin from behind the trees, i saw how God took him in
showed him a stream he could follow to a pasture
flush the moon faster, catch the Son-rise capture
the moonlight proved it could shadow the facts
left him thinking he could breathe easy from beneath the cracks
almost freakin out now cuz somethin's gotta give
heart's pumpin and i'm rushin, lungs crushed against my ribs
there's a voice in the distance, a hope for tomorrow
this time is his and it's not borrowed
time to harvest the garden and give it all you got
doubled over, caught my breath, and unveiled my plot
i want to meet in fellowship and share the Gospel
keep it movin and conquer the impossible
i wanna build, i wanna love, i wanna show what God's done
i want you to know "yesterday"'s where we all came from

the sun is sneakin over the peaks of the trees
i wonder if he knows it's God's peace that sets the scene
so serene, but his mind stays troubled
looking for the nugget of gold beneath the rubble
he's a diamond in the rough, and he knows it, but it's tough
to slit the cuff and open up his chest to be touched
there's a whole world to change, a whole world to gain,
a whole world of pain, to be flushed down the drain
now his eyes shown a scene of a dried up well
with life at the bottom screamin for help
but the bricks were stacked too high for him to try
still behind the disguise he said he needed some time
the hours moved ahead at lead-foot speeds
his expression revealed a shift in his decree
he said i don't know what i'm doing but i'm changing my mind
and leaving yesterday behind... leaving yesterday behind
Track Name: The Records That Changed My Life (ft. CAS METAH & Change)
Verse 1: BillyBo

he wrote songs with a little bit of intrigue
poems with metaphores able to grip me
simply_but complicated and abstract
performed with a purpose like it was his last act
_hypnotized by the sillouhuetted DJ
who finished with a scratch and a replay
(scratch and a replay)
_i was convinced i had a message to relay
_this is just the thing i dreamed of
speak love from a stage and try to reach some
as the songs moved on with a seemless edge
i made a pledge to myself that repeated in my head
it said: i'll be Your voice to a hundred or ten,
i'll rejoice in the Lord for the time that i spend
_reaching for all that i tried to forget
but brought back to surface like You (were) raising the dead
in me and whoever decides to draw near
_being transparent is something we all fear
fallen tears help to soften this thick skin
and the definition of "build" is when all chip in
_switch back to the strobe lit gym floor
as i made my way to the merchandise store
grabbed a couple albums with my future wife
and STILL listen to the records that changed my life